Smokefree Men

Taking action on cancer prevention with a men-friendly smoking cessation website

QuitNow Men

The Smokefree Men project, in collaboration with the BC Lung Association, involved the research and development of new gender-relevant tools and approaches to smoking cessation (SC) for men. The resulting QuitNow Men website ( uses interactive web technologies to support men’s efforts to quit smoking and prevent cancer. QuitNow Men is a first – one of the only SC interventions available that has been designed and developed just for men. This new resource is based on in-depth qualitative research and has been evaluated by users.

Research Team: John Oliffe, Joan Bottorff, Gayl Sarbit, Martha MacKay, Blye Frank, Cristina Caperchione, Leanne Currie, Jack Boomer, Sharon Hammond, Jonathon Schmid, Paul Sharp, Andrew Munroe
Funding: Canadian Cancer Society Grant # 701615

Selected Publications: In development

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Smokefree Men