Picture Me Smokefree

A photo-based social media research project for young adults

Picture Me SmokefreeThe main goal of the Picture Me Smokefree project was to determine the feasibility of engaging young adults, ages 19 – 24, in a user-driven, online forum intended to provide peer support and motivate critical reflection about tobacco use and cessation among this high-use, hard-to-reach population. Participants produced their own digital photographs related to their quitting experiences and posted the photos on a closed Facebook group page. The findings from this study suggest good potential for Facebook as an accessible, low cost platform for engaging young adults to reflect on the reasons for their tobacco use, the benefits of quitting or reducing, and the best strategies for tobacco reduction.

Research Team: Rebecca Haines-Saah, Joan Bottorff, John Oliffe, Katherine Frohlich, Kathryn Seely, Mary Kelly, Jack Boomer
Funding: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

Selected Publications:

Haines-Saah, R.J., Kelly, M.T., Oliffe, J.L., & Bottorff, J.L. (2015). Picture Me Smokefree: A qualitative feasibility study using social media and digital photography to engage young adults in tobacco reduction and cessation. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 17(1), e27.  doi:10.2196/jmir.4061 (http://dx.doi.org/10.2196/jmir.4061)

Haines-Saah, R.J., Oliffe, J.L., White, C.F., & Bottorff, J.L. (2013). “It’s just not part of the culture here”: Young adult’s photo-narratives about smoking and quitting in Vancouver, Canada. Health and Place, 22, 19-28. doi:10.1016/j.healthplace.2013.02.004