Tobacco Cessation Among Lung Cancer Families

A relational and a gender-specific approach to motivating tobacco reduction among the relatives of lung cancer patients

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This project explored the attitudes and perceptions of relatives who continue to smoke after a lung cancer diagnosis in their family. An outcome of the research was the development of the resource, The Right Time… The Right Reasons, a booklet based on extensive interviews with family members to help motivate them to quit or reduce their smoking. The gender-specific booklets were pilot tested with women and men who had lost a family member to lung cancer and revised based on their feedback and suggestions. The booklet is unique in its messaging and design, which does not use shame, blame, or fear tactics to motivate smoking cessation, but instead relies on the innate desire and goodwill of individuals to build strong, caring families.

Research Team: Joan Bottorff, Carole Robinson, Gayl Sarbit, Iris Torchalla, Raquel Graham, Mary Kelly, Michelle Smith, Kelli Sullivan
Funding: Canadian Tobacco Control Research Institute, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Selected Publications:

Bottorff, J. L., Robinson, C. A., Sarbit, G., Graham, R. B., Kelly, M. T., & Torchalla, I. (in press January 2015). A motivational, gender-sensitive smoking cessation resource for family members of people with lung cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum.

Robinson, C. A., Bottorff, J. L., & Torchalla, I. (2011). Exploring family relationships:
Directions for smoking cessation. In E.K. Svavarsdottir and H. Jonsdottir, (eds.), Family nursing
in action (pp. 137-159). Reykjavik, Iceland: University of Iceland Press.

Robinson, C. A., Bottorff, J. L., Smith, M., & Sullivan, K. (2010). “Just because you’ve got lung cancer, doesn’t mean I will.” Lung cancer, smoking and family dynamics. Journal of Family Nursing, 16(3), 282-301.

Bottorff, J. L., Robinson, C. A., Sullivan, K. M., & Smith, M. L. (2009). Continued family smoking after lung cancer diagnosis: The patient’s perspective. Oncology Nursing Forum, 36(3), E126-E132. doi:10.1188/09.ONF.E126-E132

Download or browse the booklets here: For Men (PDF) | For Women (PDF)