HIV and Smoking in BC

Tobacco reduction interventions for HIV-positive persons who smoke

HIV and Smokers

This research project consisted of an environmental scan of literature to understand the influences of HIV-positive status, gender differences, and other social factors on the feasibility of approaches to supporting tobacco reductions for sub-populations. The results of the scan are important for the development and pilot testing of a tailored smoking cessation intervention with HIV-positive gay men.

Research Team: Craig Phillips, John Oliffe, Joan Bottorff, Mary Ensom, Milan Khara, Glyn Twonson, Terry Howard, Jack Boomer, Laura Bissell, Kerry MacKelvie O’Brien, Leanne Currie
Funding: Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Selected Publication:

Phillips, J. C., Oliffe, J. L., Ensom, M. H. H., Bottorff, J. L., Bissell, L. J., Boomer, J., MacKelvie O’Brien, K., Howard, T., & Khara, M. (2012). An overlooked majority: HIV positive gay men who smoke. Journal of Men’s Health, 9(1), 17-24. doi:10.1016/j.jomh.2011.11.003